Bulle Futsal's triumphs by forfeit in the final and secures promotion to the top league

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In an unexpected but decisive turn of events for Bulle Futsal's, the championship final ended in a forfeit victory, crowning our club champion and securing its promotion to the 2nd league. Despite an atypical end to the championship, the team and the club as a whole express their pride in the faultless course achieved throughout the season.

The Bulle Futsal's, which aspired to conclude the championship with a final confrontation on the pitch, was awarded the victory due to the absence of the opposing team announced 2 hours before. Although this conclusion does not reflect the hoped-for sporting outcome, it nevertheless underlines the supremacy and exceptional performance of our team throughout the championship.

Although it was not their fault, the club offers its sincerest apologies to their fans, friends and family. As a thank you to those who came out, the club has decided to play a friendly match between them by having their committee member play.

This season will go down in history as one of the most memorable in the club's history.

This season will be remembered as one of absolute triumph, marked by a series of victories that not only secured the league title but also enabled Bulle Futsal's to advance to the top league. This ascent is the fruit of the dedication, commitment and passion that drives the players, the technical staff and all the members of the club.

Bulle Futsal's now embarks on a new chapter with renewed ambitions and the aspiration to continue on the path to success in an even more challenging competition. Preparations for next season are already underway, with the aim of demonstrating that the club is ready to meet the challenges of the top league and continue to excel.

The promotion to the 2nd league is a significant milestone in the history of Bulle Futsal's, reflecting the club's continued growth and development. It testifies to the quality of the work accomplished and the strategic vision aimed at sporting excellence.

The club would like to thank all those who have contributed to its success.

The club would like to thank all its supporters and sponsors for their unwavering support throughout this memorable season. The enthusiasm and passion of the fans are a constant source of inspiration for the team, motivating every player to give their best.

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