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Passion manifests itself in an intense and profound interest in futsal, a deep affection for our club and an unwavering determination to achieve excellence. It is the oxygen of the soul and the energy of the heart. It's a feeling that guides our actions, influences our life choices and motivates our dedication to the sport and the team. Our passion is the engine that drives us to give our best on the pitch and create a memorable story.

Discipline and fighting spirit

Discipline and fighting spirit are essential to the success of our club. Discipline ensures compliance with rules and strategies, while fighting spirit encourages players to give their all, persevere in the face of adversity and forge a winning mentality. Together, these qualities strengthen team cohesion, enhance performance and create an environment conducive to success.


« Our story will become legend ! » embodies the triumphant spirit of Bulle Futsal's and will be the locomotive guiding the club throughout its adventure. The phrase resonates not only as a promise of success, but also as a commitment to the history the club is writing. It evokes the unshakeable determination of the founders and members to leave an indelible mark on the world of Swiss futsal, to write a story that will be told and celebrated like a legend. The slogan is a symbol of the club's ambition, its desire to push boundaries, overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary feats on the pitch, while creating a memorable history that will inspire future generations.

Club crest and name

Few elements have the power to symbolize a group as much as its crest. From the very moment of its creation, Bulle Futsal's sported a coat of arms that won the admiration of players and supporters alike, prompting them to proudly wear the crest on their jerseys. This symbol instantly captured the essence of the club, bringing together all those who share a common passion for futsal and the desire to represent Bulle Futsal's with pride.


Our logo is made up of three letters: BFS, which represent the club's name. The 'B' stands for the town of Bulle, the 'F' symbolizes the sport of futsal, and the 'S' evokes the " street " aspect. Just below, Bulle's postal code, 1630, is proudly displayed. This coat of arms was designed with a " street " touch, reflecting our attacking and technical style of play on the pitch, while celebrating our identity as a Bulle club."


Bulle Futsal's colors are part of the Club's major symbols.

The three colors that represent us are purple, white and black. Purple embodies our dreaming spirit, symbolizing our desire to reach the heights by dreaming big. White represents the blank page, a canvas on which our story takes shape, ready to be written and to welcome new adventures. Finally, black represents our unwavering determination, our willingness to give it our all and win it all on the pitch."

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