Sabaudin Ljamalari to represent Switzerland in international friendlies in Croatia

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The Bulle Futsal's is proud to announce that Sabaudin Ljamalari, a key player in our team, has been selected to represent the Swiss national futsal team in a series of international friendly matches to be held in Croatia. This selection is a recognition of his exceptional talent and significant contribution to our club.

Sabaudin Ljamalari will take part in four crucial matches, taking on national teams from different regions, demonstrating the diversity and competitive level of international futsal. The match schedule is as follows:

  1. Malta, Wednesday 31.01.24 at 16:00
  2. Greenland, Thursday 01.02.24 at 16:0
  3. San Marino, Friday 02.02.24 at 18:15
  4. Denmark, Sunday 04.02.24 at 18:15

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