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Bulle Futsal's makes history with an unforgettable 6-2 victory!

Explosion of glory

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In a first official appearance that will live long in the memory, Bulle Futsal's put on a dazzling show, winning its first-ever match 6-2 against Ajax Fribourg Futsal II. This historic moment was punctuated by Angelo Moura's masterful opening goal, symbolizing the start of a promising era for the club.

Angelo Moura not only scored the very first goal, but also lit up the pitch with a second goal and an assist, demonstrating exceptional talent and remarkable vision for the game. A stunning start that underlines Moura's immediate impact on the team's strategic mesh.

Ardit Bytyqi, with his two impeccable goals, and Elie Dindamba, who added a crucial goal, contributed to this spectacular victory, testifying to the depth of talent within Club Bulle Futsal's.

In reaction to this memorable performance, Sabaudin Ljamalari, co-coach and scorer, expressed his enthusiasm."This is a historic moment for our club. Winning our first match in this way is a source of pride for everyone. We have a special team, and this victory is the fruit of everyone's hard work."

This victory not only inaugurates the season but also sets an inspiring precedent for the club. With a combination of individual talent and team cohesion, the team is ready to meet the challenges that will arise as the season progresses. Congratulations to all the players, coaches and supporters. Onwards, towards a season full of success and exploits for Bulle Futsal's.

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