Bulle Futsal's 4-4-2 set

Bulle Futsal's had the immense honor and pleasure of participating in 4-4-2, a television program that explores the world of Swiss sport in depth in all aspects. The experience proved both rewarding and captivating, offering us the opportunity to share our passion for futsal and interact with inspiring personalities.

First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Benjamin Peiry, the show's presenter, and the entire production team for their warm welcome and professionalism throughout our participation. Their commitment and dedication are the key to such magical moments as this.

During the show, we had the pleasure of meeting other guests, starting with Thaïs Hurni, a leading figure in Swiss women's soccer, as well as Sébastien Maeli and Sébastien Pache, two personalities in the world of Swiss soccer.

For us, taking part in the 4-4-2 show was much more than just a TV appearance. It was a precious opportunity to talk about our club and share the beginnings of our story, from its inception to the end of that first perfect season. We were able to highlight the challenges overcome and our successes throughout this splendid season.

We would like to thank Benjamin Peiry and the entire 4-4-2 team once again for this exceptional experience!

Find our full passage on the 4-4-2 show (with quiz)

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